Vaccination Information Awareness Initiative (VIAI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing people about the human immune system, vaccines, and the validity of risks associated with these vaccines. We propagate this information to  encourage people to make informed decisions when deciding to vaccinate themselves or their children.

President: Gavin Kress is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student at the University of Southern California who graduated in Biomedical Engineering with a premedical and biochemical engineering emphasis and a minor in physics. Email him at gavinkress@vaccinationiai.org.

Co-President: Justin Stevens is an Astrophysics graduate and Rower from Vanderbilt University.
Vice President: Fletcher Kress is an Entrepreneurship Major with a Minor in British Studies at Florida State University.
CFO: Sam Moore is a Neuroscience student and Astrophysics research assistant at the University of California Los Angeles.